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COVID-19 Update

*** All of our instructors at Certified Rescue Courses have been fully vaccinated against Covid–19. ***

During this global COVID-19 pandemic, we at Certified Rescue Courses are committed to keeping our instructors and clients safe, and preventing the spread of germs. To be extra-cautious, there will be no breathing into the manikin, but we will discuss the importance of rescue breathing in a real medical emergency. In addition, we provide our students with disposable gloves for hands-on practice, one manikin per student, and adequate spacing. We clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, objects, and learning tools after each use. We provide hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available to clean hands. Even in a pandemic, your safety training is still very important and we will keep everyone safe.

All of our CPR, First Aid, AED, and Bloodborne Pathogen classes are taught on-site for your convenience. We teach to groups of any size.

We offer the lowest prices for CPR & emergency first aid workplace training in MA, RI, and CT. All of our lead CPR instructors are emergency room registered nurses who work in southern New England hospitals.

Our workplace safety & CPR training courses are relaxed, informative, and easy. Most classes are completed quickly in a couple hours at your business, medical, industrial, recreational, bank, or school location in MA, RI, or CT.

While one of our specializations is CPR & first aid training for staff at child day care centers, we also provide CPR, First Aid, AED, and Bloodborne Pathogen classes for all types of organizations, medical facilities, schools, businesses, etc.

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