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Testimonials: Best CPR, AED & First Aid Training Courses MA RI CT

Why We Are Rated #1 in CPR, AED and First Aid Training in Southern New England

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"Certified Rescue Courses gave us the best first responder class we had ever taken. They taught here at our office and gave us the most reasonable and lowest prices of anyone we had called. The instructors were all professional and took the time to be sure we understood the material being presented. Thanks for the great update."
-- Brockton, MA

"The CPR and First Aid courses exceeded my expectations. The information presented was thorough and the CPR instructors had an excellent knowledge of the content being lectured and demonstrated. This was the best CPR class I have ever taken."
-- Fall River, MA

"I liked the CPR teacher's method of teaching. He made everything so simple to understand. This was the first CPR class that I took that was easy and enjoyable. The instructor was fun to work with and made us all comfortable with the class. I will definitely take my next class with Certified Rescue Courses."
-- Swansea, MA

"I loved the instructor's enthusiasm and his emergency room work experiences added to the class. We were all relaxed and had fun. It was amazing how quickly the class took to complete. No long boring videos and no written testing. These classes are the best in Southern New England."
-- Seekonk, MA

"This was a wonderful and informative CPR class. The instructors at Certified Rescue Courses are the most professional instructors I have worked with. The knowledge they have about CPR and First Aid is simply amazing. I would recommend these courses to anyone."
-- New Bedford, MA

"Chris made the class content easy to understand and very comfortable for us to perform the skills. I was skeptical and afraid of using an AED, but after listening to him I was confident and very comfortable with my ability to use an AED safely."
-- Providence, RI

"Chris kept the class very interesting. Having an instructor who is also an emergency room registered nurse made this class awesome. His experiences and qualifications are seldom seen in any CPR class in Southern New England. They have my vote as the best CPR classes in Massachusetts."
-- Fall River, MA

"The class was fun, informative and comfortable. It was amazing how much information we were given in this class and yet the terminology was easy to understand. This was the easiest and by far the best First Aid class I have ever taken. I can't wait to take my CPR course with them."
-- Newport, RI

"The CPR class moved right along and was very informative. This class was unlike any other I had taken. It was not boring and definitely not the same class as I had taken so many times in the past. The nurses who teach the classes are great instructors who have fun teaching CPR. They really enjoy what they do and make us enjoy learning it. I left the class feeling confident and ready to use the skills I had learned."
-- Taunton, MA

"The class was very easy to understand. With no written testing I was at ease and had no anxiety. The instructor made us laugh and feel very comfortable. These are the best classes in Rhode Island and we will always return to Certified Rescue Courses for all our CPR and First Aid training."
-- Middletown, RI

"The class was the lowest priced CPR course I had ever taken. At only $30.00 for CPR they are the best priced in CPR classes in Massachusetts. Also included for that price was a book and I received my laminated completion card at the end of the class. Now that is great service at the lowest prices."
-- Fairhaven, MA

"I loved the instructor's enthusiasm and personality. They were so professional and were able to accommodate our large group of 50 students for our CPR course. They had many instructors and manikins for teaching the class. They really care about teaching the skill of CPR and they do it right."
-- Southeastern, MA

"The class was over quickly and to the information to the point. We were able to complete our workplace safety course in less than two hours. This was the quickest CPR class I have ever taken and at the same time the best class I have taken. We did not have to watch any boring videos and the instructors lecture was very interesting. The instructor was a pleasure to work and with made us all feel comfortable."
-- Cape Cod, MA

"I loved the on-site training because it was so convenient and easy to schedule. Having Certified Rescue Courses come to our business was the way to go. We were able to book our class with only 2 days notice and they showed up on time and gave a great class in CPR and defibrillator training."
-- Raynham, MA

"The class was efficient and very well organized. All I can say is this was the best cardiopulmonary resuscitation class I have ever taken in SE MA. The instructors know what they're doing and run a well organized class. They were very all professional and their knowledge of medical emergencies was vast. This was the most enjoyable class I have ever taken in our area."
-- South Dartmouth, MA

"The instructors were great. Our large group needs to take these classes each year due to OSHA regulations. Certified Rescue Courses is the company we call each year to do our company's training. Our employees love the instructors and they are the most professional group of instructors we have worked with."
-- Rochester, MA

"The AED class was relaxed and informative with real life scenarios to help me remember the content. No written testing made our group relax and concentrate on the material being presented. Receiving our completion cards that day and to have them laminated was a nice touch."
-- Berkley, MA

"Our instructor was named Chris and he was a great teacher. He made us all feel comfortable and relaxed. His knowledge of healthcare was amazing and working in an emergency room as a RN made him a credible instructor. The information was presented so clearly that you could remember it with ease."
-- Fall River, MA

"I shopped around for the best prices in CPR in Southern New England and Certified Rescue Courses had the best prices. I was surprised to learn that a book was also included in the low cost and that we would actually receive our CPR card the same day as the class. Now that's the way a CPR class should be taught."
-- Lakeville, MA

"The on-site CPR and first classes taught by Certified Rescue Courses last week at our daycare were fantastic. I found their prices to be the most reasonable and the lowest priced for CPR training in our area.. Our group loved the class and we will use them every year from now on. Great course!"
-- Bridgewater, MA